Installing OpenWrt on Davolink DV-2020

I'm trying to install OpenWrt on an old Davolink DV-2020 using the info here:

No luck so far. Flashing seems to be going fine (router boots up, the old interface is gone) but I cannot get to the LuCI web interface and telnet just times out.

Have tried several images. The oldest ones were the DV201AMR backfire 10.03 versions found here:

(Note: The DV-201AMR is the slightly older but similar version of this router)

Has anyone successfully flashed OpenWrt on this router?

What am I doing wrong? And can someone shine a light on this step:

  • Due to the inclusion of the 0xdeadc0de value (read flash.layout) the bootloader detects a CRC failure at the next reboot and will revert to the backup image. Cshore created a fix that will correct the CRC value. use the following command to initiate the fix:

mtd fixtrx linux

There is no telnet on newer OpenWrt uses SSH. This leads me to my next point, you posted links to the archive...and it notes that the device wasn't supported (i.e. no link to official firmware).

Can you be more clear on what official (currently supported) firmware you're installing? Disregard, I had to read the whole Wiki...

Be advised you may not have good performance on a device with 16 MB RAM. Disabling the LuCI web GUI may help with that. Nonetheless, your device is not currently supported. Also, version 10.03 is very old (ancient) and now has known/discovered vulnerabilities that can be exploited.


You may be in luck... @cshoredaniel, is this you?

All archives from backfire 10.03 onwards list DV201AMR images for the DV-201AMR router. This is the same router as the DV-2020. All those images do not work.