Installing OpenWrt on a ZTE MF283+

I have found a forum post related to this router but it is too lengthy and confusing, i have managed to download the openwrt firmware files, the router is disassembled,
Also the router is not locked, however its stripped down and no firmware uploading in web ui available. I just need help flashing the new firmware on the router and setting it up
If this helps.
Router name: ZTE mf283+
Software version: CR_VIPNETHRMF283PLUSV1.0.0B06
Hardware version: PCBMF283+V1.0.0
Host os: Xubuntu linux 24.04
Tools: ethernet cable, usb to uart converter, logic analyzer (if really needed?)
I can install additional programs if needed or switch to windows;a=commit;h=59d065c9f81c4d1a89464d071134a50529449f34

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Thank you!

I have managed to install the new firmware on the router, luci is working, i managed to bridge a connection with my isp router, however why does the wan 4g 3g connections not work, why dont i see them, how to configure them? im on openwrt 23.05.3

It's not set up, by default.

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