Installing OpenWrt fork firmware

are you a developer of immortalWRT?
i'm asking for good reason, not for bad reason.

are you a developer of immortalWRT?


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so i'm not sure if we can talk here. i'm a openwrt lover (dev) and i was banned because I was talking about alternative drivers.

that should be fine here, but i still cannot believe you got banned for it...

yes, the leaked proprietary mt7915 driver does have a better performance, but it's also buggy and the whole source is a mess. and the driver requires an old, dedicated luci app to manage wireless configuration.

no it's not i have a source with openwrt luci default. yes, i was so mad that i say delete my account. it work right with luci app mtk and work right with luci.same scripts as mt7615 DBDC

my account was like in pause. so i was so mad.

hmmm i don't understand what you meant

though the driver may work on your device, it's impossible to be added into official openwrt / immortalwrt.

why it's impossible,i do not get that? all mt7621 devices on immortal have that drivers, why that is impossible?

Official immortalwrt only uses upstream mt76 driver, you may refer 3rd forks that based on our old 18.06 branch.

Those drivers are proprietary and closed source, though someone leaked them and made them public, it's ILLEGAL to redistributing them anywhere.

Besides, they require many ugly hacks, outdated APIs to work, which are unmaintainable at all.
Since they are leaked source, no support and update can be expected.

ok i got it now, (not really). so vendor can use openwrt base, and we cannot use vendor info. that is just my war.

anyway very nice to meet you, maybe one day we can work on this.

i still think mtk are the best option for openwrt. leaked OR NOT.

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Yea, that part.

It sux.

Volunteer [software] communities need a volunteer "license enforcer".

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no problem, i'll still make a war about that. and i'm a warrior.
but a good heart warrior.

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why it was legal on openwrt 18. because after that problems with compile? no is not ,if this is illegal is illegal on 18 0n19 0n 20 on 21 0n 22 0n 23 and on 24 and on 25 too.

you can port those drivers to any source any branch if you like. MTK just doesn't that care the leakage, but it doesn't mean the leakage is legal.

i know that, they can only say thanks to me. i'm not make money on that, they know the diver are easy crackables, but that's because they want this

i just love mediatek, they are the best.


Hi just want to confirm something here.

Recently OpenWrt build version:22.03.4 was released.
I installed on my router and discovered the Host column is not showing
the hostname of the wifi devices.

However, if I installed the snapshot firmware, the Host column does show the hostname.

Thus, can I conclude that the correction or improvement made in the snapshot firmware
is not reflected in the new 22.03.4 firmware. Am I right? If I am right, then when would it normally implement the changes on the next 22.03.x branch? Wait for the next release?

Thank you.

Thank you.

As of your post, it has not been released.

22.03 != SNAPSHOT

Oh I see. Now I need to wait.....for the announcement?

But how do we, the community, get notified of the official announcement? By checking this page: Official OpenWrt Firmware Downloads every now and then?

I only noticed it there was in fact a new build available to download from the OpenWrt Firmware Selector, when someone mentioned it in the forum, can't remember which post though.


P.S: In my personal opinion, I may be wrong here. As whole, the information about OpenWrt for beginners is like a big massive jig saw puzzle. The information is scattered everywhere, especially in the forum. I wish it is compiled and kept in 1 place, and everyone can go there to look for answers. That is just my 2 cents.

One option is to go to and in the top right corner there is a "bell". Click there and you can choose to keep track of posts/announcements in this forum topic. You will receive them via E-mail.


Thanks for replying, now I will get updates in the future!