Installing OpenWrt: Are existing settings preserved?

Apologies for this basic question, but I can not seem to find an answer to it:

if I upgrade my Router from the manufacturer's firmware to OpenWrt, does this preserve the settings like SSID name, device names and MAC adresses of allowed devices, their fixed IP adresses etc.
Should I backup the settings of the router before I upgrade?


If you want to preserve any settings, you should save them.

Since the 2 firmwares are unrelated, there should be no expectation of saving settings between them anyway.

Also, the OEM backup of settings you saved will not be usable in OpenWrt.


Keeping an OEM backup file would be useful if you decide to revert to OEM. But it is not usable to transfer settings to OpenWrt. For that you will need to write down the settings and re-enter them manually.


Copy and paste them to a text file is probably more convenient, but yeah it had to be done manually eitherway.


Unless the manufacturer's firmware is effectively the same as current OpenWrt, no.

Most manufacturers' OEM firmware, even if based on OpenWrt, is so heavily modified and/or so outdated as to be a "completely different" kernel and OS. This is one of the side effects of publishing open-source firmware, GPL or otherwise.

Even in the case where the OEM is effectively using OpenWrt without invasive changes, their additions or configuration may not be compatible with an OpenWrt install without their additional packages.


BTW. @workflowsguy, welcome to the community!

...the OEM version of OpenWrt might be so old that the configuration is incompatible with an up-to-date official OpenWrt version.


Thank you all for your replies! So I will take care to note down all of the router's existing settings before I do the upgrade.



If you have much of settings, you could probably try to print the web pages as PDF (or similar), or take screenshots.

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