Installing openvpn

I was configurating openvpn , once i was adding anew interface 'tun0'. I couldn't find the interface "tun0" whats the problem?

Please refer to

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Hi Andrew. I was following this before !!! But this not my question, My question why I can't find 'tun0' inside interface

Note : this picture not from my openwrt from the link you gave me.
On my openwrt i can't find 'tun0' in interface

Do you have both packages installed without errors and rebooted the router?

  1. Install needed packages
    Install openvpn-openssl and luci-app-openvpn

I did i have both packages yes and without any errors

tun0 will not exist until OpenVPN has started up and successfully connected to the VPN server. The OpenVPN application controls the creation, configuration, and destruction of tun0 as it runs.

It is no longer necessary to create a dummy vpn network (of proto unmanaged) since the tun0 device can now be directly linked in the firewall config. The only reason for the old way was to associate a UCI network name to the device name.

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The server is running and still can't see tun0 any suggestions?