Installing on Netgear R4500

This old device seems to be supported, and here is the link:

However, there is no installation procedure for this.
Does anyone know?


Go along with the instructions for WNDR4300v2. They are technical identical almost.

But use the image link for sysupgrade file from the WNDR4500_v3 page!

BTW: Netgear R4500 (from topic) is a different device than Netgear WNDR4500!

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Thanks for pointing the diff between the 2 devices. I did not know then.
Mine is R4500 (not WNDR4500), and this one is actually not supported :frowning:

Well in fact they are identical. Further investigations comming up with this:

If you don't fear you could first convert to WNDR4500 and then install OpenWrt.

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Great! You fixed this issue twice for me! Thanks much :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention. Be carefull with the revisions/hardware and firmware of the devices the guys were using for this hack. I didn"t read deeply.

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Ok thanks for the heads up.

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