Installing NordVPN on OpenWrt 18.06.2


Have someone been able to install NordVPN on OpenWRT 18.06.2?

We should make a sticky thread where we write guides and tips on how to use NordVPN on OpenWRT 18.06.2.

I have been trying for almost 3 weeks now and couldnt get it to work.

Even NordVPN couldnt get it to work so they started a ticket where the "senior programmers" will try to help us.

This is the guide right now on website:

Thank you!

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The documentations for the project, and the first reference are here, so if such guide is to be added, it's best added there.

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Do you guys see anything that is obvisly wrong here in my errorlog?

I have tried to add OpenVPN with NordVPN on my router.

Following this guide:


What did their support say?

The error log shows lots of

ptions error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in /etc/openvpn/

What is in the .ovpn file? It looks like line 22 is an error.

Hi, anyone got any web interface setup for Nord VPN rather than CLI that is listed.

Overview of setting up openvpn client using LuCI can be found here.

See also the 'Alternative guide for OpenVPN client with LuCI' at the bottom of the above wiki page for detailed step by step instructions and tips. v1.1 pdf covers OpenWrt 18.