Installing LEDE on Charter r6300v2

Not totally sure where to post this, but just some quick guidance for anyone else who wants to install LEDE on these.
The charter models are very cheap, so I picked one up. Wireless is barely functional on LEDE, but I personally don't need WiFi.

I actually updated to the latest netgear firmware by flashing dd-wrt first with and then installed the official Unfortunately I realized does not have telnet support, so I went ahead and downgraded to If you have the stock charter firmware then you don't need to bother with any of that.

I used this utility

And ran commands from here

telnetenable ROUTERSMACADDRESS admin password

Then connect via telnet and type

burnboardid U12H240T00_NETGEAR
nvram set board_id=U12H240T00_NETGEAR

Then you can flash now flash LEDE.