Installing dnsmasq-full 2.87 on 22.03

Hello everyone,

I want to install dnsmasq-full 2.87 (or currently 2.89-6 on the latest snapshot build) on 22.03 to get nftset and nftables support.
However, when sideloading dnsmasq-full_2.89-6_mips_24kc.ipk and installing, I get the following error message: "Can’t install dnsmasq-full, missing libubus20210603".

I want to run a transparent proxy but since the it's using legacy iptables rule which needs translate to nft on 22.03, I get extremely slow speed throughput, unless I'm able to switch the rule to utilize nftables.

Please help on how to install the dnsmasq-full 2.87 or above on 22.03.

You need to backport the new version to your own local source repo, compile and test it. (also make sure that the backported version's functionality and expectatios match the other packaegs in 22.03.)

Compile the package at at the same as your normal firmware, so that you get a coherent version of all related packages being compiled at the same time.

Downloading .ipk files from main/master will lead you nowhere, as you need to compile everything with the same musl C lib etc.


It's a GL.iNet's own custom firmware based on 22.03.4, so I guess it's no go in this situation then.

There is no generic answer to that, as they don't have a consistent firmware environment between their devices (rather than mix- and match between vendor SDK and more OpenWrt like, depending on target and -device) - and random OEM firmwares like GL.iNet's are not on topic here to begin with.

But what hnyman laid out is correct nevertheless, either you can do- and untangle it on the source level and manage to build a coherent firmware image with your desired changes (and everything else that needs to be adapted for your changes), or you can't. This kind of backporting is a part of development work and needs careful consideration what can be done - and what can't (respectively what's less reasonable to accomplish), but there is no binary compatibility between pre-built packages.

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