Installing 21.02.0 on Lamobo R1 failed

Excuse my bad english.
Last weekend i tried to install openwrt 21.02.0 on my Lamobo R1 router.
This Version has partitions 21 MB and 109 MB. I can not reach the luci webside, the machine is invisible in my network and it seems it is working only as switch.
The 19.07.8 version works without errors.
I need help, please.

which image did you install ?
and did you reset the settings in the process ?

I tried the squashfs and the ext4 image. Both images are 21/109mb. I connected a hdmi monitor and a keyboard to the r1. The r1 shows the start screen and stops with message : type enter to start the console. I pressed the enter key but nothing happend. With my smartphone i look for the ip-address with the app "portauthority" many times. The r1 works as second router behind my provider router. With a pc connected to a lan port i can reach the provider router connected to the wan port of r1. It seems the r1 work only as switch. The 19.07.8 image has a bigger image and works quite well.

hi there same issue can not use any version +20 it only works as switch and not as a router.. 19 and under work fine . do you now have to configure it through the serial console ??? . which uart is it configure through , i will see if I can find my usb serial adapter and try as none of the micro ports are set up as serial port as it is with other openwrt installs

okay I login with a serial console looked at the network setting they were different then previous version of lamobo R1 I modified to match . but still broken only acts as a switch and not as a router

looking at the boot up it says "switch" can not be found is the "switch software installed for the lamobo R1- not sure if it the same as bananian or armbian but there was a software called "switch" too that used to modify the network ports as the default setting all ports act as a switch. you used the "switch" software to divide the ports into Vlans

I can report the same behavior with 20+ images. The 19.7 works well

Actually now the snapshot image seems to be working together with installing packages and others.
I think this thread might be marked as solved.

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