Installed OpenWrt 19.07.5, now wifi keeps restarting/crashing (wrt1900acs)

I usccessfully (more or less) upgraded to 19.07.5. But now my wifi is not working correctly.
How can I debug what is wrong? Where are the logs I should have a look in?


How about first telling us which device you are talking about...
The answers may vary by device.

Looked in my crystal ball, think it's broken

It's a Linksys WRT1900ACS.
The sparse information is due to me not knowing which logs to look in. For instance, my logs in /var/log/ are empty. I would've thought that the logs were the same regardless of device. Couldn't find any info on the device page in the wiki.

There are no logs in /var/log
Use "logread" command for system log.
(Or dmesg for kernel log)

The mwlwifi in wrt1900acs is somewhat crappy. Especially more advanced features like 802.11r or 802.11w may be unusable.

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Hmm, I started investigating and the problem went away...
The only issue I could see in the log was the following:

daemon.err odhcpd[1815]: Failed to send to xxxx::xx%guest@wlan1-1 (Bad file descriptor)

Not sure if it is related. But it keeps repeating every couple of minutes.

802.11r is off and 802.11w has been set to optional. If the problem appears again I'll check the logs and try disabling 802.11w to see if it does something for the wifi.


That is a known path to crash and/or WiFi trouble with mwlwifi, at least with some of the models.

Mwlwifi stops working reliably once you have both with w and without w clients connected.

See the issue tracker of the abandoned mwlwifi WiFi driver

Disabling 802.11w did not fix the issue.
I think the issue was my /etc/config/wireless. I used my old one after upgrading, and now after removing it to have a new one generated, it seems to work again.

I'll tst it some more, hopefully it works now.

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