Installation - Signature verification on MacOS

I am reading the documentation in order to install OpenWRT for the first time. I find myself in trouble regarding to the instruction on the Verifying OpenWrt firmware binary page. Cheksum with sha256 was OK but it says I have to verify the signature for the sha256sums file. I am using a Mac and no instructions are given for this system. I tried using the Linux instructions in MacOS Terminal but something is missing:

command not found: gpg

The manual says omitting the signature check is not recommended, so I am not confortable doing so. Should I?

I would have, if the crc of the file checked out OK.


You would install the proper software for Mac if you desire to check more signatures.

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Security is the reason why I want to add a router in my home network. It would be a very bad start to skip the first recommandation!
As a workaround, I used another machine running Linux Mint to download and verify everything with the given shell script. This step is ok for me now.

For other newbies, you can find GPG releases for your operating system on the GnuPG download page.