Installation help with Fritzbox 3390


I'm following OpenWRT a couple of years but never install it on any machine. Now I want to test it on a Fritzbox 3390. For the installation I'm using the wiki Howto but I'm stuck on the first step. The EVA script works and the connection to the box will be established. After installation of initramfs-kernel the Fritzbox restarts. The power is blinking in very shot intervals. I assume the installation fails. Maybe because of lacking compression like the wiki says. But where can I set those options? Or am I doing something wrong? I don't get any error messages or something like that in Ubuntu terminal.

Router: Fritzbox 3390
OS: Ubuntu 22.04

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It's not installed, just booted.

Assuming the initramfs boots, you should then try to access it at

If not, then you probably need serial to investigate further.

You could also try an initramfs, from an older openwrt release.

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