Install router after powerline OpenWrt

Good evening, a friend has an internet box which acts as a modem router in the living room at the bottom of his house then is connected to a cpl (powerline) + the second cpl(powerline (netgear plp2000) in his room to be able to play on his ps5 console

but it has a terrible bufferbloat

I would like to add a router to it with qos

i make a bbox + powerline + 2nd powrerline + router openwrt ?
bbox + powerline + router openwrt + 2nd powerline ? thanks every all

I assume the PS5 is not the only thing in the house using this Internet connection. It works best if all users of Internet on the modem go through the SQM. So you should disable routing and wifi functions in the ISP provided modem, then connect the OpenWrt router between it and the rest of the network.

Since the powerline adapters are just a bridge and hopefully perform equivalent to a length of cable (which is always preferable) that link can be either before or after the router.


not that the ps5 but you mean that it works in both directions router with qos before and after?

no that doesn't work at all sorry

the modem box interface is

I tried with the router in and in I have internet but I cannot access the interface of my box to create and open the ports (dmz)

in ip I have this address I don't know why in overview

I resume it is like that

modem router bbox + first cpl / second floor + cpl + openwrt router

may be an ip conflict

@dlakelan @Kherby

If you followed mk24's suggestion

Your ISP provided device should function only as a modem.

I would like to deactivate the function but impossible,

there is no bridge mode as in many countries on this bbox it is required to make a modem router

I would set up the topology as

ISP device > OpenWrt device > powerline 1 > powerline 2 > ps5

If the ISP device has no bridge mode you will need a second separate IPv4 range for the OpenWrt LAN. You can try something like

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ok so isp device -> router openwrt -> cpl 1 on the ground floor -> cpl 2 floor -> ps5
the ethernet cable of the cpl1 I connect it to the isp peripheral or to the openwrt router?

To the OpenWrt router. The ISP device connects to OpenWrt WAN

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and the router openwrt "lan" to first cpl ethernet ? then just a second floor connect to cpl 2 the console and pc ?

Capture d’écran 2021-05-16 à 15.23.22

my router openwrt will make have do wich lan ip ?


  • openwrt router is in router mode:
    -> Internet BOX and openwrt are currently connected by RJ45 PORT1 of the BOX to the WAN port of the openwrt
    -> the IP address of the openwrt is fixed, in 192.168.1.X in the interface of the internet box
    -> port 1 of the openwrt is connected to a PLC box which distributes to the other PLCs. All the equipment on the PLC network is therefore managed by the openwrt in 192.168.2.X.

it's correct ? i will retry tomorrow thanks so much

The OpenWrt LAN can be any IP other than 192.168.1.X. is suggested, or anything in the range. The OpenWrt WAN will have a 192.168.1.X IP to link to the modem.

Don't let any device connect directly to the modem except the OpenWrt router. Turn off the wifi in the modem if you can.

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bbox + powerline + 2nd powrerline + router openwrt

this solution is possible you think for just ps5 and pc ?

i' use chrome i will test with edge because chrome can cause an error dns i saw

Yes you can put the powerline link on either side of the OpenWrt router. Placing the OpenWrt router upstairs may have better wifi coverage.

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If you can't disable routing at least disable wifi. You can't have any devices connecting directly to the ISP other than openwrt

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ok thanks for the response everybody

this is the screen of my first intention

Capture d’écran 2021-05-16 à 21.22.31

This can work, as long as the powerline stuff works well. Make sure you set up SQM based on tests from a machine on OpenWrt LAN

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i would use your script :wink: the cpl is netgear plp2000

Yes or script, but set speeds based on tests from the LAN

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Hello everybody so i have put the routeur in the bix i have make a dmz to the router and i have a nat open

But my ping is over 20 ms before and i have packet loss

Why you think

Just enabled dmz and static in bbox