Install package from github

Hi Folks,
Could anyone kindly help how to install package from github?

if possible pls take this as example

Pls share command line option step by step.

It will make huge help for beginners like me.

thanks in advance

Yes; but you need to produce the proper package files. Your example appears to be source code.

Also, you example appears to be a torrent client - there's already packages available in OpenWrt.

... and the link provides info on how to build the package.

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Wer it's available i unable to find from the list

I assume you mean in OpenmWrt.

You must run:

  • opkg update first


  • opkg install <package>

For packages, see:[Description_wiki*~]=bittorrent

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Hi @lleachii thanks for your reply. But I talk about qbittorrent package. Which is not available in the list.

You will need to compile it yourself

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It's not a task suitable for a complete beginner. You'd need to install the OpenWrt SDK and either use the toolchain to compile it as-is, or package the app properly for distribution.

Before you ask: no, I'm not going to hold your hand through the process. It's too much work.

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isn't there any Youtube video for compiling opkg packages?
This is the video for the whole custom OpenWrt Image, don't know how useful it can be for a single package.

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But it's not an opkg package, it's just source code. Compiling already packaged stuff is easy and OpenWrt isn't really much different -- the hard work has already been done.


I noted that to you. You'll need to compile it then.

hi thanks. do you have any video links for compiling?? thanks in advance

Not video; but here's the OpenWrt Wiki on the topic:

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which platform you are using OpenWrt on an X86 or X64 device?

finally i have compile my own OPENWRT build. thanks ALL!!

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