Install OpenWrt with Windows10-PC (on Fritzbox 7412)?

Hi, i am new here and i want to install OpenWRT on AVM Fritzbox 7412 with my Windows10-PC. Because most of the instructions here are for linux (i think), is there anybody out there, who can tell me how installation works with Windows?

Why not boot a Linux Live system from USB? It does not touch the system on your harddisk unless you tell it to.

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hi, thank you for your reply. yes, I think that's a viable solution. But it would be (from my point of view) more convenient if it would also work in a simple way from Windows, as with my dLink-DIR825. There I installed dd-wrt and that was very easy with a web browser and via the router firmware upgrade menu. Ok, dLink is not AVM, and therefore ... well, I will give USB Linux a try ... I will report whether it worked or not.
Thanks again for the tip.