Install Openwrt to Linksys EA6350 step by step

Hello everybody.
Could anyone help me with installing Openwrt on a Linksys Ea6350?

I tried but it bugs me. I attach some pictures.

This suggests that you can install OpenWrt on a V3 router. Do you have a V3 router?


Your screen capture shows you have Linksys v2.12.x firmware for a EA6350v2 router. It is Broadcom based router and so there is not likely to be any OpenWrt support.


Okay. And what could I install on it?
I would like a Download manager.

Unfortunately, “ask on the Linksys boards” as it doesn’t run OpenWrt firmware.

Perhaps try dd-wrt forum. There is a thread quoting EA6350 v1 and v2:

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