Install openwrt on xiaomi 4c

Hello, friends of this router: Is Xiaomi 4C suitable for installing OpenWRT and can it be installed?

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What does the ToH say?

I mean, is its RAM and Flash OK for installing Open WRT? Or it is very weak

Did you read the referenced device page?
There's a big warning about unsupported flash chips in current h/w revisions right on the top.
64 MB RAM are below the stated minimum system requirements for 24.xy.z and up.

...and in general system specs are very low (100BASE-T in 2023?)

There certainly is much better hardware around, even in the entry level price bracket.

i have mikrotik 941 but very low and not installed openwrt

It seems there are several variations of this unit. The older ones are supported by OpenWrt (installing it from a Linux box). Look for the exact model you have to be sure.

However, as slh and the price tag implied, this is not a top-notch router, and not recommend for future OpenWrt. In fact (at least for the R4CM version) the coverage is average and the speed is not great, but if you have an small place and low-to-moderate Internet speed, it can serve the purpose.

you can install latest openwrt in the Mi 4C. However, you must make sure the flash is compatible. Xiaomi have used different flash chips inside the Mi 4C model and some chips may not work with openwrt. If you don't have a USB-to-serial adapter then get one as you may need it in case you brick the router. Programming the 4C is easy, just download the correct openwrt image, scp copy to the tmp folder on the router and write it to the OS1 partition using the mtd writer.

Follow this guide...