Install OpenWRT Mikrotik RB941-2nD (hAP lite)

Hello everyone, I have noticed that there is little OpenWrt information for the Spanish community, I mean more than anything video tutorials.

I have worked with this distro just managing it and I have successfully installed a pair of tplink router.

I currently purchased a Mikrotik RB941-2nD (hAP lite) and I want to do a step-by-step tutorial for those people like me who can't easily install the system on these computers.

While it is true that there is a lot of documentation in English, I feel that the installation structure is not for everyone.

I would like your support to be able to install openwrt in my Mikrotik and I will then take care of the documentation and video tutorial so that we all have clean installation material at hand in both Spanish and English.

Sorry for my English, as I mentioned earlier, I belong to the Spanish-speaking community.

Greetings and I hope I can count on your help.

The wiki does support languages, but does require translations. Your offer is a kind one!

I don't believe you need to make your own image anymore and there should be pre-compiled images on so the wiki page looks very outdated.

(As a possible concern, the ar71xx target (code) will be dropped after v19 and I have not seen any work to port the Mikrotik boards to the ath79 target. It may be just some time, but there may be a gap of time before the work gets done and then it actually gets merged -- months for the work and merge delays, then months or a year until "release" packaging)

I am using the files shared by robimarko, I am trying to install in ram memory by following these steps:

  • Open webfig (web config), and change sections mentioned.

  • System β†’ Routerboard β†’ Settings β†’ Boot device: Try ethernet once then NAND

  • System β†’ Routerboard β†’ Settings β†’ Boot protocol: DHCP

  • System β†’ Routerboard β†’ Settings β†’ Force Backup Booter: Checked (if supported by your routerboard - !IMPORTANT) - it seemes that last setting is the key))

  • Reboot router from the webfig (IMPORTANT!), plug-in the cable from pc to wan port, and boot openwrt via tftp (it’s better to do it all as quick as possible).

But without extio.

Knowing what happens with the help of each one, I want to make it very clear how it is installed and what the possible installation scenarios would be, which is why I am encouraged to document to perform a cleaner and tidier tutorial.


Is there anything special / different on this device that makes not applicable?

It seems easy, but it is not very explained.

This is what I have done:

For TFTP server I use the following with the following path and the corresponding initramfs file:


On the router I perform the following configuration so that after the reboot load the image into Ram.


This is connected after the restart on the WAN port, then it shows that there is activity on the mikrotik interface, then it restarts and returns to its original state with Routeros S.O.

That is why I want to make it work and make a more detailed documentation step by step.

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Your PC running the TFTP server needs to be set to Also shut down the Windows Firewall and any other firewalls on the PC. The wrong IP address or the use of a firewall will prevent the TFTP server from seeing requests from the router.

If it works you will see the file transfer in the tftpd64 window. Once that is complete the router boots to OpenWrt in RAM. Change your PC address to (or use DHCP) and log in to OpenWrt.

It is noted that there is activity on the WAN interface of the mikrotik after 2 min it restarts and returns to its original system.

In the Tftpd64 log I get the following: