Install OpenWrt instead of DD-Wrt (Netgear R7800)

I got a Netgear R7800 on which I tried DD-Wrt.I tried to replace it with OpenWRT but I can't do it. Is there a quick way, perhaps by connecting via Telnet? Thank you.

The usual advice in such cases is to go back to OEM firmware, and from there to OpenWrt.

Is there a method to install oem via Telnet?

The easiest way with R7800 is to use the Netgear's recovery TFTP flash routine (in u-boot bootloader) to flash the OpenWrt factory.img file. The routine can be triggered with the reset button/hole at boot.

Advice in:

The Netgear OEM firmware can also be installed with the same process (and they also give that advice on their site).