Install Openwrt 18.06 on Dockstar

I'm running a Seagate Dockstar with OpenWrt 12.08 on a external flash usb (I have a modified uboot but I haven't changed the internal flash layout).
Is it possible to keep this organisation with Openwrt 18.06 ? I found that the sysupgrade.bin file contains kind of a rootfs I could extract, but I cannot find a uImage file... Or maybe I have to use the builder thing ?
Thanks in advance for your time

Sorry, I forgot to mention I was a bit lost in the wiki page as I consider moving to the new layout : when am I supposed to use the tftp server, which file shall I use (the factory.bin or the sysupgrade.bin)...

Anyone ?
I won't re up anymore, just in case

With newer (past 15.0x) version of Openwrt and the dockstar:

sysupgrade.bin - A tar image. You could extract this yourself and compose your own images if you were so inclined! If you want to stick with a usb stick, you will need to create a filesystem on that usb stick and untar the files onto it. I don't know what OpenWrt will do with regards to the root filesystem, and if it will complain that there is no overlay?

squashfs-factory.bin - A UBI image ready for writing directly to flash. It has 3 UBI volumes contained inside it, kernel (in uImage form), rootfs (in squashfs form), rootfs_data (empty, ready for ubifs). This file is only suitable for flash, but if you did use this, you could keep your overlay on your usb stick:

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