Install on Tp-Link Archer c20 (US) V5

Hello, I am trying to install OpenWrt On Archer C20 (US) V5. When I search for the device, I found it available for (EU) region.
How I install OpenWrt for (US) region

Thank You

Download stock image for your device, and compare with EU image:

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how to do? Can you guide me please?

Google compare binary files.

thank you. i already install it.

Installed what?

I have checked, bootloaders for EU, and US stock images are identical. You can try to use manual from OpenWRT site: TP-Link image: tpl.bin
OpenWrt sysupgrade image: owrt.bin

 > dd if=tpl.bin of=boot.bin bs=131584 count=1
 > cat owrt.bin >> boot.bin
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Can you please tell how you install openwrt in Archer C20 v5(US) model?? I tried to follow EU model guide but ended with broken router where only power and internet led lights up.

Today I have successfully installed OpenWRT on Archer C20 V5.1 US.

It was safe to follow the instructions for the EU v5 here: because the EU/US firmware checksums do match perfectly (Archer C20(EU)
Archer C20(US)

Warning: don't forget to concatenate the bootloader part from the official tp-link image to openwrt image as per instructions before uploading it to the tp-link firmware update UI.

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