Install on a FritzBox 7330 and wireguard client

Hi to all,
I have an old Fritzbox 7330 Italian edition (the red and gray one with Article no: 2000 2590 and SAP no: 5013 written under it, so different from the black SL version I suppose in term of hardware and firmware) and I would like to install OpenWRT on it so that to have a wireguard or IPsec VPN client and be able to share the VPN using the router for all the devices I have in my house.
Is it possible to do that with OpenWRT? Is my device supported?
In case it is possible is there any clear guide on how to install OpenWRT on this device?

Your device does not appear in the Table of Hardware, so it is not supported by OpenWrt.

You'll need to get a device that is supported -- you can use the ToH to select an appropriate device, or you can look to see what is available (used or new) and then refer to the table to confirm support.

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Hm, there is a device page at that suggests that it's the same as the 7320, but you lose one LAN port. Please be aware that you do all testing on your own responsibility.

That page seems to be for the SL version which I do not know in which way it differs from the normal 7330. Isn't it? Is there any way to get the hardware info to be sure if it is compatible or not?

Since SL is written in brackets, I assume it covers both versions.
If you want to be sure before trying anything, the usual steps are:

  1. disassembling and checking the components inside
  2. attaching serial console and having a look at the boot log