Install Nagios on OpenWrt

Is it possible to compile and install Nagios on OpenWrt? Nagios is written in C after all. OpenWrt already has web server and PHP dependencies. Is there any tutorial how to install that software?

From everything I can see, you install something like snmpd on the router. That's all you need.

Are you trying to install all the monitoring stuff on the OpenWrt?


It seems like a 2nd device (e.g. a server...other machine, etc.) is used for that purpose in normal circumstances.

If your openwrt has enough resources (512+ mb ram) you can install docker or lxc and run nagios there

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You're right that it is almost always the job of an x86 server. What I am trying to achieve is moving as much as possible to OpenWrt, to be able to run any software on any hardware, since OpenWrt supports nearly 2000 devices at the present.

Although I do use the OpenWrt SDK to cross compile some Rust code that I write in my free time, I am not a full time C developer. Compiling a big project, making changes and optimization for it to run on OpenWrt, and packaging it into a .ipk file is too much for me to handle. Maybe I should try to use pre-compiled software such as Zabbix instead.

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