Install kmod-mtd-rw


I know x-wrt not officially support here

I really would be thankful if you can help me

I try install kmod-mtd-rw but get this error

and then go to official github download asset
and try put package to tmp and try install it by ssh but get same error

is there any way install kmod-mtd-rw ?

it's a kernel module, tightly linked to the kernel build, it probably won't work.

thank you for reply

so I stuck with x-wrt then

try to install kmod-mtd-rw and back to stock but seems doesn't work

onother question

what's different between factory and breed factory and how install them?

I only use sysupgrade via luci

thank you again

I guess they created to be installed using the Breed boot loader, instead of stock.

You need to ask this question to x-wrt. There is no special image for breed in OpenWrt.