Install go2rtc

Could someone explain to me how to install go2rtc? (whenever possible)

Is this an OpenWrt-specific inquiry, or a general Linux inquiry?

I need install go2rtc on OpenWRT, I have already installed go2rtc on some linux distributions. The Opkg package manager doesn't find go2rtc.

then it probably doesn't exist.
you can always try to package it yourself ...

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I've been using the arm64 binary of go2rtc on OpenWRT. Runs great for basic streaming but the memory usage of the binary alone can spike up to 250mb+.
For me, it's better off hosted in a dedicated streaming host.

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i need help on understanding how installing in terminal works

someone mentioned in that thread, he's able to install go2rtc on openwrt using arm64 binary... how can i do the installation on terminal using openwrt?

find the binary, (unpack, ?) and copy to your openwrt device ?