Inspecting an image (firmware) without installing

Is there a way to inspect an image (i.e. firmware, either factory or sysupgrade) without having to install it to a router?

The image may be one you have downloaded or created using an image builder.

Inspecting would include:

  • seeing which packages and config files are in the image
  • opening and reading a config file
  • extracting the config files out of the bin file.
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gunzip openwrt-*.img.gz
sudo partx -a openwrt-*.img
ls /dev/loop*
sudo mount /dev/loop0p2 /mnt
cat /mnt/usr/lib/opkg/status
ls /mnt/etc/{board.d,uci-defaults,config}

Thank you. I'll try. Is there also any GUI method?

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One of them best tools for inspecting any binary image in general would be binwalk.


Looks great. Thank you.

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