InPlug AP/Range extender

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I really like your effort on prolonging the lifetime of our routers and securing our home networks! :+1:

I recently received a tiny Range Extender and purchased previously a similar type which both are currently unsupported by OpenWRT so I was wondering if someone is looking into those or if there is an effort to do so and maybe help out a bit.

The goal and USP for these kind of wifi AP's would be to be small/tiny one could create bubble wifi's with limited range (one room) and also have them in the luggage as travel buddies.

Since I found that there are many copycats of those I was wondering if the inner life of those might be the same currently I have not cracked them open yet.
So my "research" found very similar AP's:

Further I found, with the same or similar appearance the following Products:

So If no one is working on those it would be nice if you could give me some direction in how I could work on that :?

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You can use OpenWRT in repeater mode ( relayd )

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So apparently the original product is winstars WS-WN581N2.
I opened up my Wavlink and the Renkforce and both had the above name on the PCB according to what I could gather this is based on MT7268KN but has only 2MB flash as the chip says somethink like 25Q16CSIG3 or 25Q16CS1G3 ... never the less I created a page for this here.

There is no way to support this device with OpenWrt, it not only has 2 MB flash, but also only 8 MB RAM (integrated into the SOC itself).

FYI: Since this is a hopeless device (2/8MB) I have removed this page again.

:frowning: ok

I thought it would be good to know for maybe future searching people. But ok, when this is the standard behaviour than fine.

I guessed so but ok its a nice AP for a room or travel.

If you want to keep the hardware data for reference, you can create a page at wikidevi:

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