Inmax 1203 Chinese NAS with arm cpu

Hello people!
i have use OpenWrt for long time, since i had an DSL link at my home, but i have used like a noob, Installing was very simple on may old ASUS router.
Now i have an great job to do. I have an NAS made by ORICO, an chinese producer, NAS witch had an CPU IN1203 inside, witch is an SoC, with * ARM926EJ-S core (300MHz) and instead of flash chip it use an SD-card .
For now this brick is power up 24h/day and working but the support software is missing and i want to put inside a new brain like OpenWrt.
So, what i have untill now. The firmware has an busybox but i cant install any of ipk from repos. The inside structure of files is visible if i booot in linux my machine and connect the NAS card to it.
What can i DO?
My dream is to put the OpenWrt in this machine and make it working. More of that i wish to install TVheadend to it and stream the tv programs in local network.
And of course LAN,WIFI, DLNA, SAMBA etc...
Is to much for Christmas wish?
Happy Hollydays for everybody!!!

entware/ng has tvheadend... simple to try... 300MHz ain't much tho'

Sounds more like a microcontroller than what most would consider a “CPU” for running a router.

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Well it is a sort of. But that is just a part. It is a SoC with that MCU and some peripherals, SATA, GBLAN, USB... A chinese thing. If it was an PIC MCU i was know what to do with it, but it isnt. Any way, for wulfy23, i have an ASUS D12 with OpenWrt and in packages i have TVHeadend, well only 1Mb of space it is not enough to install it. TVH has some of 5MB... Anyway, what is the procedure to install even the GUI interface in my NAS, knowing that is running bysybox. I have try "install" command, but i dont know the syntax. have try in different modes but i cannot succede.
My NAS is running BusyBox 1.19.4 with Linux Kernel
Any ideea?
Commands like cd, wget, dir, tracert working...
I can get a list of commands that it inside...
At least to change the torrent client? it is rtorrent 0.9...

and related

"ARM" doesn't mean "powerful, general-purpose processor" -- Many ARM cores are intended for embedded systems that might run "raw C code", an RTOS like FreeRTOS, or something like a Linux kernel, but don't have anywhere near the power of those in, for example, cell phones.

See, for example

Ok, understood.
So, there is anybody who knows how to put openwrt on sd card of this box?
An .img something?

not easily...

based on the info here:

take a look at;


which are still referred to in current master... lots of reading and testing and messing around with code to be done, unless you get lucky and those mxs targets compile and boot for you ( you are very lucky that it is an sdcard device to easily test )....

  1. check mxs in downloads
  2. if no (1) get a buildroot and try to build them ( or find some legacy versions to try )
  3. if one mostly boots then there is a smidgen of hope

( at your own risk: you might also crack it open and see if there are any similarities between the board and the other boards listed in the link above or compare your oem dmesg with similar on those device pages )

Thanks for info. That may be very hard task. I will try to solve the problem in other way, i will try with an router like linksys-es with OpenWrt. I think is far much easier.
Have an ideea about an solution like this? I can buy a router for this demand.