Initial Install Linksys WRT3200ACM


I'm working on installing OpenWRT for the first time on a Linksys WRT3200ACM and encountered some issues building my firmware. I've followed the directions shown here:

and also integrated the pieces for quick Image Builder shown here:

After I've configured the image builder and execute "make", it starts to build then eventually fails. I've tried using the verbose logging to figure out the failure but it just tells me 'make World' fails. This is after a long wait, more than an hour, and lots of other items in the "tools" file being compiled successfully. I've had no luck moving past this point. I would welcome any suggestions. I am using VirtualBox, on Win 10, with Linux Buster to create the image.

I'm also wondering why the image shown in the Installation section of the device page can't be used. What is it for? I tired using the image despite the warnings and it "bricked" the router. What is the purpose of this image? I believe I'm missing something very obvious. Here's the page I am talking about:

I appreciate anyone's help/assistance with this issue!

The 3200acm factory image from here bricks your device flashing from OEM.

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I just purchased a wrt3200acm router. I don't know about flashing from stock directly to 18.06.4 but I just did a stock to 17.01.6 installation using the 17.01.6 image here and then used the 18.06.4 sysupgrade image and it worked perfectly.

Didn't realize that OpenWRT disables wireless on setup. Turns out that was my issue.

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