Init script working manually but never automatically

Hello, First thanks for the community developers and supporter for this awesome software I have been running it for years and it always did the job and never caused me a trouble after good configurations.

recently I've upgraded to version 19 from an older one, I didn't notice any faced any issue except that an old custom routing init script isn't working anymore:

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
        sleep 20
        ip route add default via
        ip rule add from priority 10 table wan2
        ip route add dev br-landenver table wan2
        ip route add default via 127.104.21.** table wan2

I've tried to move start to 100 and increase sleep to 60 second but it doesn't help. When I run it manully using

/etc/init.d/customrule start

it runs perfectly.

I thought it could be an issue with the new PROCD so I wrote this:

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
# Description: Enable custom route
# Author: Uak
EXTRA_HELP="        status      Print Homebridge run information"
is_running() {
    pgrep 'customRoute' > /dev/null 2>&1
start_service() {
    procd_open_instance "customRoute"
    procd_set_param command "ip route add default via"
    procd_set_param command "ip rule add from priority 10 table wan2"
    procd_set_param command "ip route add dev br-landenver table wan2"
    procd_set_param command "ip route add default via 127.104.21.** table wan2"
    procd_set_param stdout 1
    procd_set_param stderr 1
    echo "Restarting customRoute"
    if is_running; then
        echo "Running"
        echo "Stopped"
        exit 1

it seemed that only one line from the commands I want to run is working. What did I do wrong, any help please?

I don't know the issue, but does the command
ip a s > /tmp/ip.out

Yes it works. It shows may interfaces information

OK, so it works, being placed in your script?

Is it possible that the script was not enabled? Check /etc/rc.d/S...

Note that sleep command will block following init script from running

The quoting is incorrect. procd service instance corresponds to a single subprocess, i.e. "arg0" "arg1" ...

I would suggest switching to using either "config routein/etc/config/network`, or writing hotplug script for this.

no, I'll try that when I'm not connected remotely

I've checked it in /etc/rc.d/S... it is enabled.
Regarding the config in /etc/config/network I couldn't find if it accept the priority flag used by "ip" it seemed important to have my setup work.

I hope I can make those few commands works instead of moving to more complicated things, but I may have to at the end.

I agree that iproute2 commands are more straightforward compared to uci configs :wink:

I never used "ip rule" in uci network config, but "ip route" should work quite well

But I am still very curious why your script fails at the moment. Can you maybe redirect command errors to /dev/kmsg to show more details?

I do not It think you can use PROCD here. I would revert to the first version and debug it.

Add exec >>/root/log 2>&1 as the second line followed by set -x, reboot, then check the /root/log file for how the script ran and what happened.

It is possible that you have to implement this as a hot plug script instead: there could be something that resets the interfaces after your script is finished.

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100 is naturally wrong.
The number gets placed to the end of the symlink filename in /etc/rc.d, which files are then evaluated in alphabetical order, so 100 would be pretty much like 10.
Range is 01-99 ( and preferably 01-94, as /etc/rc.local is evaluated at 95)

/etc/rc.local would also be a natural place for those commands.


Thank you that solved it for me. I used my old script not the new PROCD format and set START to 94 it's working now.

Thank you to all people who tried to help with this issue.

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