Information about memory uesd, cached, free...etc on openwrt

Regarding the openwrt web gui, I would like to know where the information about memory is collected? Where is it?

At present, I only know that he was drawn using rrdtool.
Please help me.

Well your question is not really clear. Do you mean which application collects the information or from where it is collected?
Maybe this answers your question

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My question is how did the memory database on the picture come from?
I know it was collected through collectd, but what about the files of this data?

Sorry! My expression may not be so clear.

No "files" are involved here (unless you mean the RRD files where the information is stored).
The information are directly collected from the system.

For the RRD files they are defined in DataDir "/tmp/rrd"

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I tried rrdtool dump memory-cached.rrd. The result of the execution is an xml file with data like this

This is only part of memory-cached.