Industrial 4G Router with OpenWrt

Hi to all,

I would like to find an industrial 4G router which supports OpenWRT since I want to customize it and make it run a MySQL server.
I've found that there are some industrial routers on alibaba or aliexpress that are based on Atheros AR9341 (550 MHz) or similar, but are they really good for my needs?

Can you suggest me a good industrial router which can fit my needs?
I just want to install a MySQL server since I need to make it communicate with Arduino.

Thank you!

In my opinion, they are a reputable OEM/ODM that takes care in both electronic and thermal design, provides OpenWrt as OEM firmware on most of their models (a few models ship with QSDK-based firmware, I believe), and has very good support.

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Not really "industrial", but rather solid because of metal case: ZBT-WE1026 .
Fully supported on openwrt.