Increasing Latency Ping Command

Just installed OpenWRT to replace DD-WRT on my R7000 and it seems like nothing is offlimit with openWRT :slight_smile:

Im trying to optimize my connection for gaming fps online, as since call of duty implemented Lag Compensation Im being melted down in gun fights, specially the better my connection is, the worst game experience I get (sounds weird I know).

So currently Im experimenting to try and optimize my settings based on my situation right now.

Im trying to increase my ping, and wondering is there a package or command that I can use?

My current setup is

  • Xbox One ā€”ā€”> R7000 ā€”ā€”> ISP Modem (HH3000)
  • All wired
  • Speed (1.5gb) up and down... but limited to 80mbits with sqm
  • bufferbloat dsl reports tests (A+)
  • Ping on xbox while gaming online (taken from black ops 4 menu) after connecting to a server online (anywhere from 18-28).

If you guys have any other suggestion as well to experiment with, im all ears.... thanks

Increase or decrease? Most people want the consistently lowest ping time they can, balanced against a reasonably hard upper bound on the longest ping times under load.

If you've got a 1500 Mbps line throttled down to 80 Mbps with SQM, that would be the first thing I'd explore.

The reason I wanna increase is because of what I experienced when occasionally my ping hovers to (30-40) I feel my game experience is better than lower such hit registration and I take less damage when they hit me, additionally many reported that they had success when they try to increase their ping by downloading torrents/playing multiple videos on their browser ...etc

So currently Im trying to bump my ping from 20-28 to around 90-100 and see how it goes.

Edit: In regards to speed throttle, its actually has been set by me through SQM for bufferbloat reasons

It sounds like call of duty is penalizing you for having tiny pings as a way of trying to make things better for people with higher pings is that right?


I strongly believe so, but I might be wrong or their might be more into it.... the reason Im trying to explore what ever I can on this matter :slight_smile:

Can you easily identify the packets for this game by port number or IP?

I hope I understood your question right.... They use multiple ports but mainly port 3074.

It's possible to use netem to delay just those packets by a fixed amount, but it requires custom qos are you up for command line configs using tc and so forth?

Im tottaly down for it, if you can direct me to somewhere where I can read more about it as well, I would be so grateful.

I just tried using ssh to my router using cmder... but Iā€™m kinda if not tottaly clueless but will figure it out eventually

If you want to play with netem, please use a dedicated box between you gaming computer and the router, and have that dedicated box run netem and no other fancy traffic shapers. At least I have seen reports of issues combining netem delay with delicate shaper scripts....

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I currently use my R7000 (with openWRT) wired just to my PC and xbox... the rest of the devices at home are connected to my ISP modem/router

PC&Xbox ā€”ā€”> R7000 ā€”ā€”> ISP modem

This way if anything goes wrong during my expirenent only my PC and xbox would be affected Without worring about the other devices

Aha, it's good you mention this. because I was about to say you will never get a 1.5gbit/s connection handled well by an R7000.

It sounds like you could do some experiments by simply running (if eth0 is your internet facing interface on the R7000 (which it might be something like eth0.2 or eth1 instead, not familiar with that device)

tc qdisc replace  dev eth0 root netem delay 20ms

then adjust your delay until you like it, maybe it should be 10 or 40 or 60 ms or something

On the other hand, you'll lose all the SQM function at least on upload. But since only these 2 devices are behind this routers, this may not be so important so long as you're not running other stuff at the same time as your game.

EDIT: out of curiosity also, what kind of device is the ISP supplying that gives 1.5Gbps? I guess it has maybe a fiber on one end, and a gigabit switch on the other? Since there's no such thing as 1.5Gig ethernet...

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But that means that they can introduce additional latency under load if they cause significant additional traffic during your gaming session. That might be okay for testing (if you can arrange that the other device stay idle/unused during testing) but seems somewhat less than ideal for "production" use.

Looks like single player mode in Apex can't come soon enough.
Hopefully you are not too invested in COD. Their Blackout bait and switch was disgusting and they are now backed into a corner where they will have to go F2P for their next game to sell.

For those that don't know, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 went online only with a battle royale mode similar to Fortnight.
During the beta and at release there were no loot crates (gambling aimed at children) and then after some success at release, loot crates were introduced and the game's popularity died.
The consensus is that if a game publisher wants to monetise their game; they can either charge full retail price for a copy or go the "free to play" - game as a service route and add loot crates filled with cosmetic items which can be earned and purchased. Not both.
For context, loot crates are banned in Belgium.

In short, gamers moved on and that's why Apex Legends is now a thing and Fortnite still remains popular.

@TheMask Have you tried Apex Legends on your Xbox?
It has a much better online experience and you won't have to "game" the net code.

Also, you aren't trying to build a poor man's lag switch are you? That's a sure fire way to get banned from the game if you get caught and it's not worth wasting time on.

True enough, and this may actually be the real problem that the OP has. I'd imagine jitter is more important than lag because the attempt to compensate for lag, what might be happening is that you have low lag, there is little compensation, and then suddenly you have a bunch of jitter, but the lag compensator isn't going to "credit" you with this jitter, so your experience sucks (it assumes you're locked on to the game, but in fact you're temporarily laggy)

A "quick fix" for this issue might be to drop the R7000 entirely, get an inexpensive TP-Link or ZyXEL switch, plug all your wired stuff into that switch instead of the ISP equipment, and then use port-based QoS to prioritize the PC and Xbox far above everyone else. Now you should stabilize the jitter. If this doesn't work, I'd still keep the switch set up but put the R7000 in between the switch and the PC/xbox and add the netem delay there. That will keep the jitter down, and still allow you to add some consistent delay.

No it sounds like he's trying to just add a fixed delay so that he appears to be farther from the server so that the server is more forgiving. It seems to me that if something like this is constant throughout your gameplay it's not cheating in the sense that you're experiencing gameplay similar to someone who is in a geographically different location. Pressing a button to get yourself some intentional lag for a couple seconds under your control would be a cheat.

Of course it doesn't matter what I think... only what the admins think.

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I agree and it was simply a question to clear things up...

I think guessing that the game is penalising low latency connections without looking at the net code or confirmation by the developers is a bit of a leap.
Others playing this game must be experiencing the same issue and reporting it to the developers. If the developers don't care then it might be an idea to switch games.
Also, first and third person shooters on a console using a controller isn't the optimal way to play these type of games. The pros almost unilaterally use a mouse, a keyboard and a PC due to accuracy, utility and the higher frame rates available from GPU add in cards.

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@TheMask I too noticed that the more delay I experience, the smoother my gameplay on cod. When my ISP's node becomes a little congested and my base ping rises from 38 to 51, I turn into Scump. Normally, I get turned on like a chump. I'm lucky to go 26-10 with countless lagging even with many, many nights of tinkering to get sqm running right. DSCP does HELP but won't solve the inital problems of the game design. I also theorize their servers can't handle the udp packet bursts, which would explain why more queueing helps a player perform better by slowing down the flows (which will lead to a larger burst but more packet loss). BTW the in-game ping meter was developed by Ray Charles.

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Guys thank you so much for all your respond.... I was out all night, will get back on it first thing in the morning and respond to each individual... again thanks a lot for your respond guys I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Sounds like they give the benefit of the doubt to the lagged players, so if you have low ping and are dodging bullets like crazy they will let them hit you anyway. Since most people are lagged heavily then fewer people complain.

My theory is that your ideal situation would be to have slightly higher ping but very little jitter.

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Here's a fun story. From time to time I've tried to investigate how the game algorithms try to compensate for connections issues. One timed I used MTR to follow an international player from the countrty Columbia > Dallas, Tx, USA ( Nearest Server). This opponents' rtt kept steadily rising from 175ms to over 10,000ms. He dominated. Back at the farm; The Director of Programming for TreyArc continues to stand by his phrase "Ping is King". :joy::rofl::wink: