Including latest luci-app-package in imagebuilder firmware

Hi there,

Im using OpenWrt 19.07.7 with @dibdot Adblock and banIP (his latest versions)


this works fine, but...

I'm making my firmware with image builder, I put the latest .ipk packages in the packages folder before make. The packages itself are installed fine, but the luci-app-packages are not, it keeps installing the stable version.

I don't understand why the packages itself installing fine this way, but the luci-app-"packagename" are not.
I finally install this luci-app-"packagename" by;

opkg install --force-reinstall luci-app-adblock_git-21.057.73305-e7d87ab_all.ipk
opkg install --force-reinstall luci-app-banip_git-21.051.50677-2b9fca8_all.ipk

And then they install fine.

After the installation is finished, and I go to system -> software -> updates, the stable luci packages are there to "upgrade" but the ones installed are newer.

Any ideas?

This is my make command (ipk packages and luci-app-packages are in the packages directory)

make image PROFILE=linksys_wrt3200acm PACKAGES="adblock banip luci-app-adblock luci-app-banip luci-app-advanced-reboot dnsmasq-full etc etc -dnsmasq" FILES=files/

Offcourse it's not a real big problem, but I do this this way, so when I (or someone who has access to them) reset my routers, it comes back online with the exact firmware I make. (but now I have to manual login to do a --force-reinstall)

So offcourse it works without the luci-app packages, but just wondering why this will not work somehow.

I could be wrong but I think...

those packages come from the other git repositories, not the openwrt build tree
because this is the imagebuilder of the stable branch, it uses static feeds for the other git repositories
AKA they are frozen at the time that the branch or release was made

if you go to this

you see this
src-git luci^34e0d656a

that last part ^34e0d656a
indicates that the git tree is downloaded only up to that commit

if you would like to make your own builds / imagebuilder
you can erase that last part from the file

so you just have
src-git luci
and then run the scripts to update the feeds

sorry the commit hash is what you see after building
in the file you have
src-git luci;openwrt-19.07
but in the same way you can erase the branch name to get the master branch

but then I get the complete luci master branch, instead only the two files I need, is that correct?
anyhow, I'll gif it a try somewhere this week.

the difference is time not how many files / packages

basically you want the build system / imagebuilder to have the whole branch that is updated

@jow if I'm not mistaken, this is another victim of changing the luci app versioning to the git commit stamp. I (and other users using my private repo) also experienced problems updating luci apps from non-official sources. Would it be possible to override the git commit stamp with an actual version number if it is explicitly specified in the Makefile?

It should be possible to simply set PKG_VERSION.

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