Include kmod-igc for r86s (x86)


CPU N5105 (正式版)
RAM 8G/16G
存储 64G EMMC + TF 卡
网口 1x1G I211 + 2x2.5G I225-V
其他接口 USB3.0x2+HDMI2.0x1
扩展 NVME 或万兆 [附带网卡]
  • 1G: 采用 Intel I211 芯片
  • 2.5G: 采用 Intel I225-V B3 芯片
    测试样品是 I225-LM 但是正式版会是 I225-V

It's an x86, just use the existing images.

Wish it was installed by default kmod-igc

There are no hw specific x86 builds, use the image builder.

Or copy the file over post install.
Or create a request to have the module added to the x86 image.

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