In the latest firmware, I can not find the library eglibc

I want to update my OpenWRT router to the latest firmware. I use the package mcproxy. This package requires the Labary "eglibc". I can not select the Labary in the new firmware. see the following post:

Some detailed steps to get mcproxy built for OpenWrt:
#1 Clone OpenWrt:
git clone git://
#2 Add mcproxy feed to feeds.conf.default:
src-git mcproxy git://
#3 Update feeds:
./scripts/feeds update
#4 Install mcproxy and its dependencies:
./scripts/feeds install mcproxy
#5 Configure OpenWrt (select target and device):
make menuconfig
#6 Enable build of mcproxy:
Network -> Routing and Redirection -> mcproxy
#7 Enable Advanced configuration options for developers:
Advanced configuration options (for developers)
#8 Enable Toolchain options:
Advanced configuration options (for developers) -> Toolchain Options
#9 Select GCC 4.8:
Advanced configuration options (for developers) -> Toolchain Options -> GCC Compiler Version -> gcc 4.8.x (with Linaro enhancements)
#10 Select eglibc:
Advanced configuration options (for developers) -> Toolchain Options -> C Library implementation -> Use eglibc
#11 Select eglibc v2.17:
Advanced configuration options (for developers) -> Toolchain Options -> eglibc version -> eglibc 2.17

BTW, one of the first steps needed is modifying mcproxy in order to accept interfaces like ethX.Y (since it complains when using dots, and this is the standard name used in OpenWrt when using VLANs).

How do I get that with the latest firmware?

Greetings from Stefan Harbich

eglibc is dead and you should use glibc instead

Hello, if I want to create glibc on the toolchain, my build process runs in error.

It should work just fine otherwise and provide all the information you can

OS, git revision etc and ofc full log

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I had selected the external toolchain. With the toolchain options, it worked. Today played the new firmware on my router. Everything is working fine.
Greetings from Stefan Harbich

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