Imx6: Gateworks: Stuck on v17 - Help Requested Applying Patches to master

I like keeping up to date IF it does not break something.

Using a Ventana quad core halts the system after upgrade on all but the 17.xx series. It would seem that something from the 17 series did not get brought forward. I have asked Gateworks for help but all they did was explain what I needed to do, and I am unable (not that technical) to do it. I figured if they had actually done it then it would have been a simple matter to give me working code, but alas, all they seem willing to do is give instructions and tell me to do it myself.

It is a great hardware platform and seems to be quite solid on 17.xx, so don't be so quick to bad mouth 17.xx until the 18 and 19 series have the wrinkles ironed out.

Perhaps if you post what they suggested in a thread, you’d be able to work with someone to resolve the issues.

Nothing is going to magically happen on v18, or v19, for that matter.

Sorry for not providing enough info. I was assuming that each new version would begin from the one before, but it seems it is a re-do and missing pieces are added as they are noticed.

This what I was told to do:


I added some GSC functionality to the Torvalds 4.20 kernel the other day. I would like to try adding the GSC-CORE driver to my OpenWrt 18.06.2 build in a manner similar to what is detailed in this patch:

If the system behaves as I anticipate, this driver should provide the reset functionality necessary for sysupgrade to work as intended.

If you would like to test this for yourself (if it works for me ultimately I imagine you will need to adopt it into your own build) download the

gsc-core.c gsc-core.h gsc-irq.c file and gsc.h, place them in the appropriate directories driver/mfd and include/mfd (indicated by the patch), make the necessary adaptations to Kconfig and the mfd/Makefile, enable them in your build, them make.

I had this driver install correctly on the 4.20 kernel the other day, there was no issue with changes in the header files, unlike some of the other drivers I tested.

The instructions of "place in the appropriate directories", etc are fine, if you know your way around the OpenWrt low level stuff. I do not. It is probably quite easy and people are amazed at my stupidity. I imagine this will work if done properly but is beyond me, so 17.xx is my solution.