Improving FAQ: Failed to download, wget returned 4

Triggered by Update Fails WGET Error 4 Operation Not Permitted I'd like to ask if the FAQ page

in its current state is suitable to solve the users problem if he encounters the said error message.

If you think that the FAQ page could use some improvements which could lead to a quicker problem resolution (methods for diagnosing the problem, alternative solution proposals, ...), feel free to post your proposals for improvement here in this topic, or create a proposal page in the wiki inbox.

Your help in improving the OpenWrt documentation is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Everything looks fantastic to me :slight_smile: , I just had to open a new thread because I read all the others and couldn't find the solution, Thank you!

So, would you have been able to solve your problem if you only had known that FAQ page?

well not really, but that page is kinda irrelevant to my problem, because I think no body had asked "How to get internet access to Openwrt using a phone's wifi or usb tethering"

and unfortunately I still haven't found the answer, because after you sent me this:

I realized that I only have one wifi card, So I can only use my phone's usb tethering to find a solution and get internet access to openwrt, And that's if there is any way to do that.

So we should probably discern between

  • Internet access via wired WAN
  • Internet access via wireless LTE or the like
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In terms of USB tethering, the answer would probably amount to - "you can't". Which shouldn't imply that it's impossible, but you need quite some preparations (installing additional packages, depending on the requirements of your phone) before you'll be able to get online. This is obviously possible for a semi-advanced user, who's either planning ahead (fetching the necessary packages (which depends on the phone in question and involves kmods) or has independent internet access and knows how to use imagebuilder. The less efficient tethering over WLAN (triple NAT, no charging/ powering the phone at the same time, etc.) is easier to accomplish (everything needed is preinstalled) and should be straight forward for a beginner as well.

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