Improving /etc/config/system documentation

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@oscar What are you missing on that page, how can we make it better?

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Hello Thomas,
it has been impossible for me (years-long OpenWRT user, Linux user, but no computing nerd) to make changes to options that were listed for correct display of my time zone.

"These options can be set in the system section: " it is only now that I understand this directive. What it means is "Under config system of /etc/config/system, various tasks can be set as options".

The entries for timezone and zonename are acting jointly only. It appears that just UTP (which apparently needs no zonename) can be selected with a single line.

Not mentioned at all, and I am not 100% sure, but I believe you must first install packages zone-info-core and zoneinfo-YOURZONE. They are not there by default.

" The time zone that date and time should be rendered in by default. Suppose you want to use Brussels' timezone, set this value to Europe/Brussels" Unclear first sentence, false second. Both are required.

Hope I could clarify this a bit. In case you have questions, get back to me.

Hello Thomas,
I need to correct one of the above statement. Apparently I messed up things, which became obvious after a system reset. There is no need to install additional packages zoneinfo-XXX.