Improve search results accuracy

Here is another request to improve the wiki :slight_smile:

When searching for "release", I get a very long list of not-so-useful pages:

These pages are dummy pages like (without redirect=no of course), and seem to match only because the path to them contains "release".

There are several problems here:

  • these dummy pages shouldn't appear at all in search results (the "release note" pages they redirect to already appear, but later in the list)
  • the search result should first show pages that actually contain "release" in their title. For instance, these ones.
  • also, results should probably appear with the most recent pages first

This plugin looks nice to configure search, but it does not really explain what you can configure exactly.

To hide pages I found this and this.

On top of that: If I set the sort order to newest first, I don't see a difference to the normal sort order.

Sort by hits

Sort newest first

Plugin is installed, config see Admin -> Config -> searchdefaults.
Play around with it, try it out, uninstall it if it doesn't work for you as expected.

Done, quicksearch looking like this now:

Thanks, it's already much better when hiding these dummy pages!

I never noticed this "Toggle Search Tools" before. I see it also allows to change the sort order (only for the given search). However, it's probably broken, because the results do not make sense when sorting by "last modified":

It seems that this sort function was introduced in:

I haven't found anything else, or reports that the sort order is broken. I wonder if there's something special with our installation, or if nobody else is using this feature...

Now I get it... the sorting option only applies to "Fulltext results", not " Matching pagenames".

It's not well-designed because "Matching pagenames" appears first :confused:


How to use wiki search now?

The example:
I try find this page something about LB-LINK: or .

The result is:

It's normal that you don't find the dataentry via the normal wiki search. They are intentionally hidden, in order to avoid flooding the search results with dataentries. Dataentries are accessible via the ToH datatables.

Regarding the devicepage not showing up in the search: Strange issue... After a simple edit the page now shows up. It's unclear to me what the root cause for this issue is. Well, a good error comes back :slight_smile:

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