Important packages missing from latest snapshot

I use bind and iptables/ip6tables as key components in my environment. They appear to have been removed from the latest snapshot release, at least for the aarch64_cortex-a53 architecture and/or mediated/mt7622 targets.

This is in OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r21682-720b243171 on a Linksys E8450.

Previous snapshot I was using (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r18195-d1c7df9c4b) had a number of packages which I can no longer find:

bind-client - 9.17.20-1
bind-dig - 9.17.20-1
bind-dnssec - 9.17.20-1
bind-host - 9.17.20-1
bind-libs - 9.17.20-1
bind-nslookup - 9.17.20-1
bind-rndc - 9.17.20-1
bind-server - 9.17.20-1
bind-server-filter-aaaa - 9.17.20-1
bind-tools - 9.17.20-1
ip6tables - 1.8.7-1
iptables - 1.8.7-1
kmod-ip6tables - 5.10.80-1

(Note, I'm not trying to get an exact version match, those are just the versions that were installed)

Anyone have any idea where I can get these packages or what the intended replacements for this functionality are?

Might it be that the build process is ogoing and those particular packages haven't been built yet? I see timestamps later than my current local time so if the timestams are UTC or a timezone in Europe then it is rather recent.

I suppose that's possible, but it would be nice if arc had some way to request the latest "complete" snapshot in that case.

Looks like bind has temporarily build problems due to dependencies

Added a comment to the PR

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Reagardin iptables, you probably need to select between iptables-nft and iptables-zz-legacy

See all the discussion about firewall4 and nftables. (Also on OpenWrt GitHub)

Same problem in 22.03 packages, bind is missing there too...meaning that I can't rebuild with image-builder a new 22.03.2 image that has packages that were there a few weeks ago.

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Somehow bind-libs has developed a dependency on libmaxminddb (which I presume relates to maxmind geo-IP).

Would it be possible to (at least temporarily) release a package without IP Geolocation built into BIND (who needs or even wants this?) and thus eliminate the dependency that is breaking things for the time being?

Personally, I have no problem if this dependency is removed permanently.

It was already removed yesterday.

Buildbot has already compiled new packages for half of the package architectures. It will take 1-2 days to get all targets compiled.

Awesome!!!! Thanks!!