Implementing "DNS Proxy" in Openwrt

Hi All,

I need to implement "DNS Proxy' in Openwrt. On googling, I came across this package 'dnscrypt-proxy'. I read that this package basically encrypts all dns traffic.

I would like to know How DNS PROXY should work? Does this package 'dnscrypt-proxy' support DNS PROXY feature?

Please someone clarify me on this DNS PROXY feature in Openwrt? Also, How can I implement this?

Thanks in Advance..

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You should first know, what you actually mean with "DNS proxy" and what you actually need.

Openwrt acts by default as a DNS cache/server (with dnsmasq package), so if you are just looking for a local DNS provider/cache/proxy, Openwrt does that by default.


It depends on what you want to achieve. Are you talking about DNSSEC, or encrypted-channel DNS? If so, there are many ways to achieve it and many threads already going on that topic.

I'd read up on the different approaches, and make an informed decision. One good set of links is

Hi @jeff, @hnyman,

I am not talking about DNSSEC or encrypted-channel DNS :slight_smile:

I am interested in knowing, How DNS Proxy works in Openwrt and How to configure/implement this feature in Openwrt? Perhaps a link to some reference may be more helpful to understand DNS PROXY.


Configuration is usually done through LuCI by most people, or can be configured by editing the UCI files in /etc/config/

Hi @jeff,

Sorry, You misunderstand my query here.

I just want to know, How to implement "DNS Proxy" in Openwrt? Any good reference about 'DNS Proxy' is appreciated.

Anyone clarify, Does the package 'dnscrypt-proxy' supports 'DNS Proxy' feature?


But we do not quite understand your question. What do you want to actually do?
Forget about the term "DNS proxy", but tell us what functionality you actually need.

dnsmasq acts as local dns resolver with cache, so it is quite possibly what you are looking for.

Hi @hnyman,

I am working on a set of DNS requirements in Openwrt. As per requirement, "DNS Proxy/Relay" functionality to be supported.

So, I have googled to understand these terms. Couldn't find any better solution to support this feature. Frankly, I don't understand any of these terms. So only, I am asking help in understanding this term "DNS Proxy/Relay" and How to implement this in Openwrt.

Please guide me, I am struck at this.


You will have to ask whoever asked you the question to clarify what they intended.

Repeating the same question and words are not helpful.

Ok @jeff, I will try to work with them to get it done. Thanks for your time!

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