Immortalwrt kmods

Hi, simple question: are kmods pakages for immortalwrt compatible with openwrt?

no, they're not.

thanks. is immortalwrt somewhat better than openwrt? I didn't saw any review yet

no idea, haven't used it ...
but I'm sure there's a reason why it exists :wink:

one would be

ImmortalWrt is a fork of OpenWrt, with more packages ported, more devices supported, better performance, and special optimizations for mainland China users.
Compared the official one, we allow to use hacks or non-upstreamable patches / modifications to achieve our purpose. Source from anywhere.

I have 3 identical device (ASUS RT-AC1300UHP, also called RT-AC58U) all running Openwrt, I decided to try Immortalwrt on one of them since its supported also by Immortalwrt.

without scientific measure:
I feel It boots & ready faster in Immportalwrt, feels snappier on Luci. haven't take iperf3 test yet.
it has more build-in features, see below.