Images for WRT32X?

Are there to be no nightly builds for the LinkSys WRT32X? No images offered yet? I thought that was working but maybe I misunderstood.

Thanks, looked at the LinkSys WRT AC Series Wiki page, and this was missing.

even better, there are now v18.06RC Downloads since this morning, with included LuCi:

Seems like the ToH database is just not yet updated

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The ToH gets updated when 18.06 is out, not earlier.

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Glad to see an RC available. I've been having some problems with earlier snapshots and davidc502's builds (currently being discussed in the davidc502 thread) on my network so I'll give this a try in the next few days and see if I fare any better.

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lede-project address really shouldn't be utilized at this point, since that domain will eventually not be renewed, at which point links would be broken.

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Where does this information come from?

Logical assumption of the natural course of events. In 5 years, is it likely whomever buys the domains will continue to buy a domain that appears to have nothing to do with the OpenWrt name, except historical significance?

  • Granted, it could be set as an auto-redirect, as many businesses do with similarly named DNS addresses, but since there's no guarantee the domain name will be kept in a few years, why allow for the possibility a link will be inaccessible & broken if it's not?
    • If in turn the link is broken, this would likely prove confusing, if not frustrating, for users who come across the link and have no idea of the historical context of the LEDE Project and OpenWrt to know to transpose openwrt in place of lede-project. In other words, it seems like a problem waiting to happen that's completely avoidable.
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Consider davidc502's build for now. The 18.06 RC builds have an outdated wi-fi driver and some other outdated stuff that might not get merged until after release (not sure). OpenWrt hasn't had an official release in what feels like years though, so this is exciting.