ImageBuilding an initramfs

I am trying to implement a clean (current) install of OpenWRT on a (as of now) unsupported device. Though this device is already running OpenWRT, albeit a Franken-version of it. My progress is documented here: Support for Netcomm/ ZTE IFWA-40.

At this point I am trying to build a initramfs image for a similar device, and see if I am able to boot it from U-boot, as suggested in the above forum post.

I have had a hell of a time using the ImageBuilder, an IRC user suggested using this tool to try and make my life a bit easier. I was able to make a couple of images but can not for the life of me figure out how to configure ImageBuilder (with or without the python script) to create a initramfs image instead of a squashfs image.

It was just pointed out to me that ImageBuilder can not do this... I will build from source!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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you kind of already solved it ? :wink:

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Heh, yeah topic issue solved. Thought I'd leave it here in case someone has some advice about what I'm doing. :slight_smile:

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