Image with wpad for TL-WA901ND v3

I search a image with wpad for a wa901. Where can i donwload it ?

@lricher1, welcome to the community!

Since your question is unrelated to the no space issue of the OP, you may consider making a new thread for topics like this in the future.

Sorry, but in the official download, this is wpad-mini package.
I can't create a custom software with the builder (i have a make error), so i search a wa901 V3 openwrt software with the packages wpad.
If you have that, i will be so happy

So if I had it, it would cone from the link above, correct?

So, you just install the full version using the package manager opkg.

EDIT: BTW, I don't see your device listed on the Table of Hardware, is it supported?

the model is wa901 and the version V3