Image Builder: vice versa FILES - remove file from image

I want to remove unwanted files from the image. for example I do not need an /etc/config/openvpn_recipes. Can this be done somehow?

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That file isn't included by default on the images made by the build bot. How did it get there?

Do you want to build an image and leave out a file, or do you want to remove a file from an existing image?

he exsists if install openvpn-openssl package

I can not correctly embed postfix in squashfs - directory owner in /usr/var/spool/postfix are not set correctly. I want to remove it from the squashfs and place it on /overlay.
But I'll probably fix the include/ to solve this problem

+1 for that request. I want to delete /usr/lib/lua/luci/controller/admin/system.lua to block access to that particular page, and I couldn't find any easier way to do it. Replacing it with an empty file throws errors. I understand there may be a better way to do what I need, but can someone please answer to OP question, that is "vice versa FILES - remove file from image"?

Try either or both:

  • Include a "neutered" or empty file
  • Put a script in /etc/uci-defaults/ to remove it
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