I'm stuck configuring AP on x86 with qca6174

I recently bought a qca6174 and try configuring it to work as an ap in my x86 device. however after installing all the necessary drivers, im only able to scan nearby APs via the Luci interface. and radio0 is stuck at "Device is not active". currently using squashfs and tried multiple different packages. kmod-ath10k-ct vs default version, wpad-openssl,wpad basic, and hostapd. I also cannot enable wireless security even after installing hostapd. need help troubleshooting.
here is the config i retrieved using ssh.

list all the ath* packages you've installed.

packages != kernel modules

not sure you can use the ct kmod, with a non ct firmware, try swapping the ath10k kmod.

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ok, I performed another reset and installed the following in order
kmod-ath(auto installed)
hostapd-common (auto installed)
and after that network>wireless

Doing a reboot and changing channel fixed the issue. selecting certain channel causes wifi to not be active and dissasociated, thx for the help

That could be a DFS channel. those take longer to come up.

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