IKEv2 with GUI

I am at the moment in the endphase of transitioning my pfsense to openwrt.
I got everything to work from dns, dhcp-relay, openvpn, wireguard, PBR and rules, nat working.
Although I now have only IKEv2 roadwarrior config left...I have two questions.

  1. I think pfsense uses strongswan, but I am not sure. Anyone have a clue here?
  2. What packages should I use on openwrt? I want web gui and same IKEv2 as pfsense.

You won't find any. Better migrate to Wireguard for simplicity and speed.

But wireguard will not work with IOS out of the box, nor windows, macos or android. So its a no go.

Do you mean there is no IKEv2 packages for openwrt?

There is strongswan, but there is no luci package (that's what I meant "you won't find"), so you'll have to configure it in console.

OK. But what is this?


Is it only for ipsec not ikev2?

I don't know, where was this photo?

The picture is from this post and if you notice at the beginning he mentioned SRV, which is the Zyxel GIGA III in that scenario.

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OK, I better get on with the gui-less config then. I guess install StrongSwan och chiron will give me the solution,

"out of the box" no. But at the same time you don't get lots of stuff "out of the box". None of those come with firefox "out of the box" for example.

It's absolutely trivially easy to install wireguard on all of those platforms. FAR FAR easier than figuring out how to get IKEv2 going overall.

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